Chemical Awareness

The Chemical Awareness course provides participants with a general understanding of the hazards associated with asbestos, dangerous goods and hazardous substances, including their effects on the human body. Participants will learn about basic management principles, personal protective and safety equipment, emergency procedures as well as codes of practice and standards.

Duration: 1 day

Who should attend

The Chemical Awareness course is suitable for anyone who might come into contact with asbestos, dangerous goods or hazardous substances as part of their work, or anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of these topics.

Course delivery and assessment

The Chemical Awareness course is delivered in a face-to-face environment and includes interactive theory sessions. Participants will be required to complete a short written assessment for each session. On successful completion of the course and assessments, participants will be issued with a Statement of Completion.

Course content

Session 1 - Asbestos awareness

  • A history and the different types of asbestos
  • Bonded versus friable, and where asbestos may be found
  • Routes of entry, defence mechanisms and health effects
  • The purpose of exposure and health monitoring
  • Legislation, codes of practice, exposure standards
  • Management of asbestos

Session 2 - Dangerous goods awareness

  • Definitions
  • An introduction to the more common dangerous goods
  • Storage, handling and segregation
  • Protective and safety equipment
  • Spills kits and how to use them
  • Emergency procedures

Session 3 - Hazardous substances awareness

  • What is a hazardous substance?
  • What are the routes of entry?
  • What are they, where are they, and what could they do?
  • Sources of information
  • Personal protective equipment


  • Course materials
  • Statement of Completion
  • Morning tea and lunch