Training facilities

Our training incorporates blended and flexible learning environments to enhance your learning outcomes. Our facilities are also available for hire.

Our main training facility is conveniently located at Redbank, just 25 minutes outside of Brisbane. It provides a relaxed environment conducive to good learning outcomes. Our state-of-the-art training facilities are purpose-built and incorporate the latest technology to deliver enhanced experiential  learning.  Off-street parking is available and there is a direct rail link from Brisbane to our Redbank facility. See a location map of the Simtars facility.

Training can also be held at other locations, including:

  • Simtars (Mackay)
  • QMRS - Queensland Mines Rescue Service (Dysart or Blackwater)
  • at your location - provided there is a suitable training venue.

Offstreet parking is available at Simtars Mackay and QMRS locations.

Virtual reality immersive mine training

Our Standard 11 mine safety induction courses (surface and underground) make use of our immersive virtual reality training facility. The technology allows participants to experience firsthand the sights and sounds of the mine environment without risk. Participants are exposed to lifelike mine conditions  but can respond to emergency scenarios in a safe and controlled manner.