Dust management services

We provide high-quality respirable dust monitoring and dust management solutions to help you comply with coal mining dust monitoring requirements and keep your workforce safe.

Dust monitoring requirements for Queensland coal mines

The Queensland Government has reviewed and amended the Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulation 2001 to increase dust monitoring in Queensland coal mines. These amendments, in effect 1 January 2017, strengthen respirable dust monitoring requirements for all Queensland coal mine operators.

Additionally, 2 new recognised standards will also come into effect with the aim of driving best-practice monitoring and control of respirable dust in coal mines.

Dust monitoring and on-site control solutions

Simtars' expert team of occupational hygienists can design practical solutions to help keep your workplace safe and comply with Queensland coal mining legislation.

With extensive industry experience, our highly qualified occupational hygienists and scientists can help you to:

  • analyse dust hazards    
  • monitor workers' exposure to dust    
  • establish similar exposure groups (SEGs) for your site    
  • develop proactive dust monitoring and management plans    
  • estimate potential exposure risk to workers using descriptive statistical techniques    
  • control dust hazards    
  • meet the competency requirements in the recognised standard for workers conducting respirable dust sampling.  

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Why choose Simtars dust management services?

Highly qualified occupational hygienists

Simtars' highly trained professional occupational hygienists use a client-focused and engaging approach to deliver tailored occupational hygiene solutions. Our AIOH certified occupational hygienists (COH) have extensive experience in the coal mining industry and can provide you with respirable  dust monitoring programs that will meet the requirements of Recognised Standard 12.

Australian and industry accreditation

Our respirable dust sampling and analysis services are accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA), Australia. We use recommended AIOH, NIOSH, AIHA* and Australian Standard techniques.

* AIOH - Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists; NIOSH - National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health; AIHA - American Industrial Hygiene Association

30 years of experience serving the coal industry

We have 30 years of experience working with the coal industry and resources sector, providing practical solutions to complex problems.