Do you need NATA calibration of your personal sampling pumps?

Simtars is now NATA accredited to calibrate the flow rate and timer functions on your personal sampling pumps.

Sampling pump

The purpose of calibrating and performance testing your sampling pumps is to ensure they are able to maintain a constant flow over a known period of time to enable accurate calculation of sampling volume. Accurate sampling volume is critical when determining the airborne concentration of a substance collected.

Simtars can perform a full range of tests to meet the requirements of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygiene’s Technical Paper ‘Air Sampling Pumps: Equipment Calibration Requirements’ or to your specific requirements including:

  • back pressure flow rate
  • timer functions
  • low battery final flowrates
  • maximum compensation range back pressure
  • delayed start / time run tests
  • flow fault indication.

On successful calibration of your sampling pump’s constant flow and timer functions, Simtars will provide a NATA endorsed calibration certificate (Simtars accreditation No. 2681. Site 2672).

Further information

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