Gas chromotographer of the year award

Simtars hosted the 2017 gas chromatographer (GC) users group in Dysart on 14 February 2018. The meeting was a unique platform for gas chromatograph users to refresh their knowledge in GC operation. The topics presented addressed a variety of issues related to the current operation and challenges. We used this opportunity to present the latest research outcomes and projects led by Simtars and the industry. The session was free for selected attendees from each of our clients under our 24/7 emergency response agreement.

This year we were honoured to have Peter Dent personally present the 2017 Peter Dent Gas Chromatographer of the Year award. Mr Dent is the first inaugural Director of Simtars who was heavily involved in restructuring the mining industry following major mine disasters in Queensland. Mr Dent was awarded the President’s Medal in 1997 in recognition of his contribution to mine safety. The honorary guest of the day was Ron McKenna, retired mine manager with more than 60 years of experience in both coal and metalliferous mines.

The 2017 Peter Dent Gas Chromatographer of the year award was awarded to Justin Moriarty from Blakefield South Mine in New South Wales. As for the Queensland mines, better luck this year in bringing the trophy back home!

Further information

Simtars’ CAMGAS is the gas monitoring package, which incorporates EzGas Pro and a dedicated introduction system for delivery of mine gas samples to a superfast micro gas chromatograph. The data generated is used for studying the explosibility of gas mixtures which enables users to identify potential hazards underground and address problems effectively.