2017 Level 1 Mine Emergency Exercise - Broadmeadow Mine

The Queensland Mining Warden’s inquiry into the explosion at the Moura No. 2 mine in August 1994 recommended, “Emergency procedures should be exercised at each mine on a systematic basis, the minimum requirement being on an annual basis for each mine.” (Windridge et al.1996).

In December 1996, the Approved Standard for the Conduct of Emergency Procedures Exercises was published. This approved standard was updated and issued as Recognised Standard 8 Conduct of Mine Emergency Exercises (RS8) in June 2009. It provides guidelines for conducting mine site emergency exercises, including the requirement to test state-wide emergency responses by holding an annual exercise.

It is 23 years since the Moura No 2 disaster, and since 1998, there have been 20 Level 1 Mine Emergency Exercises held in Queensland.

Twenty four assessors took part, with representatives from Broadmeadow, the host mine, Simtars, the Queensland Mines Inspectorate, Mines Rescue (Queensland and New South Wales), an industry safety and health representative (ISHR) from the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU), Minerals Industry Safety and Health Centre (MISHC), the Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) Corporate Communications and mine staff from Kestrel, Grasstree and Grosvenor mines.

Simtars Executive Director, Nicolai Ahlstrand said “Simtars actively participates in all facets of the Level 1 exercise as it is a critical part of Simtars industry service obligation. It allows Simtars to test its capacity to respond in the event of an emergency and work effectively with emergency response teams.” Mr Ahlstrand also said “I would like to acknowledge the efforts of Martin Watkinson (Executive Mining Engineering, Simtars) for his ongoing Chairmanship of the Level 1 Exercise as well as David Cliff (Professor, University of Queensland) who has been an active participant in all 20 level 1 exercises.”