3D laser scanning now at Simtars

Simtars is developing new applications and services using the recently purchased 3D Point Cloud Laser Scanner. Potential applications of the scanner include:

  • industrial accident and investigation support
  • research
  • training scenario creation
  • general 3D visualisation.

Unlike conventional photography, a laser scanner allows you to capture images in 3D space. At a detection rate of 1 million samples per second, the laser measures points in time and space to determine x y z coordinates. An object is displayed as a collection of dots or points, spaced millimetres apart, inside the virtual space. The scanner has a detection range of up to 270m distance with an accuracy of 3mm at 50m. The built-in camera overlays photographic imagery to provide colour texture to each point, or this image can be displayed separately as a 360 degree photo.

A laser scanner also allows us to capture every detail in 3D from a scene/environment. This provides physical measurements, which enable further offline investigation or engineering (e.g. measuring accurate distances, volumes, or recording the physical location of objects/assets at a scene). There is potential to utilise the 3D scans for rapidly generating other 3D imagery (such as virtual reality-type applications).

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3D laser scanning
3D laser scanning
3D laser scanning
3D laser scanning