Simtars staff excellence recognised by ACARP

19 Oct 2018

Simtars’ Principal Engineer, Andre De Kock, was the proud recipient of an ACARP Research and Industry Excellence award in September 2018.Andre was recognised for his excellence and commitment to research over many years in the IS space. His commitment, professionalism and structured approach to establishing repeatable processes to ensure equipment can be tested in a systematic way, to ensure its safety, has made great improvements in IS across the mining research industry.Simtars’ Executive Director Nicolai Ahlstrand said, ‘Simtars is delighted and immensely proud that Andre’s dedication, excellence and service to industry has been recognised. The work that Andre has done at Simtars over many years has directly enhanced industry safety outcomes’.Simtars’ Principal Engineer, Andre De Kock, with the ACARP Research ... Read more >>

Simtars celebrates 30 years of researching, testing and promoting safety in Queensland mine sites

11 Oct 2018

From humble beginnings, Simtars (the Safety in Mines, Testing and Research Station) emerged from some of Queensland’s worst mining disasters: Ipswich’s Box Flat Colliery (1972), Kianga mine explosion (1975) and Moura number 4 explosion (1986).Opened in September 1988, Simtars developed and provided a range of vital safety and health, research, testing and training services across Qld, in the hope that mass fatalities at mine sites would be a thing of the past.Simtars’ work also expanded globally, where it works in the resources sectors of the United States, India, China, Turkey, Laos, Vietnam and Papua New Guinea to improve worker competency—making mines safer and bringing real financial savings to resource companies through reduced worker injuries.Many of these projects have driven significant ... Read more >>

Simtars Safegas V4 Upgrade

19 Sep 2018

During the month of June, the Simtars Safegas project was subject to a final independent assessment of readiness for deployment and operation of the upgraded Safegas system by aQueensland Government Chief Information Office validated panel provider.This assessment found that the project was Green across all 6 Quality Dimensions. This is an outstanding result and highlights the competence, commitment and hard work of Simtars staff to deliver this industry needed upgrade to a safety critical system.Safegas fast facts:Developed by Simtars 20 years ago in response to a QLD coal mine disaster inquiry.Displays gas concentration and gas ratios, determines explosibility probability, and triggers alarms when tolerance values are breached.Led to Approved Standard for the use of Gas Monitoring System embodied in current ... Read more >>

2018 Queensland Mining Industry Health and Safety Conference recap

05 Sep 2018

Simtars was delighted to showcase the work they are doing in developing their virtual reality training packages at the 2018 Queensland Mining Industry Health and Safety Conference.Conference attendees experienced first-hand the collaborative work that Simtars is doing with Immersive Technologies and Downer to develop training solutions—including virtual reality goggles for users to go underground and walk through the Downer-operated Meandu mine site, coal handling and preparation plant.Utilising new and developing technology is a key approach to raising the standard of health and safety training. Working in partnership with industry to do this is of paramount importance.Conference attendee Claudina Costelloe immerses herself in the VR experience. ... Read more >>

Simtars (RTO 1828) is now taking enrolments for its very first Ventilation Officer: Underground Coal Mine course

31 Aug 2018

The course covers 6 subjects and will be delivered through our third-party provider, internationally renowned ventilation expert Dr Roy Moreby of Morvent Mining. It will be a combination of face-to-face workshops; structured workplace projects; and written and oral assessments.On successful completion of all assessments, participants will achieve Statements of Attainment for the following accredited units:RIIMCU601D - Establish and maintain the spontaneous combustion management planRIIMCU602D - Establish and maintain the gas management systemRIIMCU603D - Establish and maintain the gas drainage management planRIIMCU604D - Establish and maintain the outburst management planRIIUND601D - Establish and maintain the ventilation management systemRIIUND603D - Manage, operate and maintain the mine ventilation systemThe course commences 17 September 2018 in Mackay.Read more about the Ventilation Officer course. ... Read more >>

Simtars and Immersive Technologies MOU

13 Jun 2018

Simtars and Immersive Technologies are pleased to announce the signing of an MOU between the two companies that will allow them to jointly develop training and workforce development solutions for the Queensland resource sector and international markets.Both organizations have agreed to work collaboratively from June and explore technological advancements for optimal mining safety and sustainable practices."The partnership is a strong strategic fit, leveraging the two companies experience and respective strengths in the health and safety, virtual reality, simulator and training markets. The combined capacity for developing advanced mine training technologies for industry sets us apart from many providers in the market place. We look forward to working with Immersive Technologies to enhance industry safety and health outcomes through leveraging core ... Read more >>

Staff donation supports Simtars social Licence to operate in India

07 Jun 2018

Simtars staff recently raised funds to purchase 20 sewing machines to donate to the Kartavya volunteer group in Dhanbad, India. This group of students from the Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines) provide free and high-quality education to underprivileged children living in slums and villages near the campus. They help to break the poverty cycle by providing education which would otherwise be inaccessible.On a recent trip to Dhanbad and IIT (ISM), Simtars staff members David Phipps and Gareth Kennedy visited the 3 sewing schools where girls and mothers are being taught sewing skills. They can then utilise these skills to find revenue streams to support their families. It was a privilege, and a humbling experience, to see how ... Read more >>

Simtars and QMIHSC breathe new life into 30!

30 May 2018

Both Simtars and the Queensland Mining Industry Health and Safety Conference (QMIHSC) will celebrate their 30th anniversaries this year. Simtars’ successful partnership with the QMIHSC has ensured our continued sponsorship of this year’s milestone event which will be held from 19 – 22 August. Our ongoing support of the QMIHSC has contributed to the growth of the event, highlighting our enduring commitment to key occupational health and safety issues within the resources industry.This year’s conference theme, ‘Realising Opportunities Together’ will showcase seven of the Simtars team participating in Keynote Sessions, the pinnacle of each year’s conference. More than doubling the number of presenters Simtars had in 2017, their presentations will take conference attendees on a compelling exploration of current and ... Read more >>

Gas chromotographer of the year award

30 May 2018

Simtars hosted the 2017 gas chromatographer (GC) users group in Dysart on 14 February 2018. The meeting was a unique platform for gas chromatograph users to refresh their knowledge in GC operation. The topics presented addressed a variety of issues related to the current operation and challenges. We used this opportunity to present the latest research outcomes and projects led by Simtars and the industry. The session was free for selected attendees from each of our clients under our 24/7 emergency response agreement.This year we were honoured to have Peter Dent personally present the 2017 Peter Dent Gas Chromatographer of the Year award. Mr Dent is the first inaugural Director of Simtars who was heavily involved in restructuring the mining ... Read more >>

2017 Level 1 Mine Emergency Exercise - Broadmeadow Mine

19 Mar 2018

The Queensland Mining Warden’s inquiry into the explosion at the Moura No. 2 mine in August 1994 recommended, “Emergency procedures should be exercised at each mine on a systematic basis, the minimum requirement being on an annual basis for each mine.” (Windridge et al.1996).In December 1996, the Approved Standard for the Conduct of Emergency Procedures Exercises was published. This approved standard was updated and issued as Recognised Standard 8 Conduct of Mine Emergency Exercises (RS8) in June 2009. It provides guidelines for conducting mine site emergency exercises, including the requirement to test state-wide emergency responses by holding an annual exercise.It is 23 years since the Moura No 2 disaster, and since 1998, there have been 20 Level 1 Mine Emergency ... Read more >>

Simtars RTO celebrates 20 years!

19 Mar 2018

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Simtars’ Registered Training Organisation (RTO 1828), which provides safety training services to the Queensland mining resource sector. The dedicated RTO team continues to offer specialist and highly advanced technical training that promotes safety, health and improved working practices.Simtars has played a leading role in the development and delivery of accredited and non-accredited training aimed at improving practices and safety in underground coal mines. We have also remained at the forefront of promoting better health and safety standards globally, delivering advanced risk management and regulatory best practice workshops to international clients in India and south-east Asia.Our clients benefit from courses that are developed and delivered by Simtars and industry-leading experts. This expertise, and our ... Read more >>

Simtars New Mining Safety & Research Strategy

13 Mar 2018

Simtars has launched its new five year research strategy to help improve safety and health outcomes for Queensland’s mining industry. Dr Gareth Kennedy, Director of Simtars’ Mine Safety Technology Research Centre said the research strategy focuses on four key areas including health, safety, emergency response and emergency preparedness.“We’ve consulted with industry and other stakeholders to develop a strategy that will see more research focused around respirable dust, human-machine interactions, emergency preparedness, spontaneous combustion and explosion survivability.“The new research strategy provides a consolidated and focused approach that better aligns to the current and future needs of industry.Simtars is currently undertaking research and testing of proximity detection systems, spontaneous combustion characteristics, chemical exposure risks, mine fire inertisation, tyre inflation safety and a ... Read more >>

Simtars Environment Team helps a mining company

28 Feb 2018

Navigating the complexity of an environmental authority (EA) and meeting compliance requirements place ever increasing pressure on mines to comply with more stringent environmental regulations. Recently a mine relied on Simtars’ expertise in a range of technical disciplines to undertake a multi-faceted assessment to determine potential environmental and community impacts around their long-standing resource operation in South-East Queensland. The primary concerns arose from potential discharge of sediments into local waterways, potential discharge of respirable silica dust to air, and environmental noise.Simtars approach included:characterisation of the existing receiving environment (using both impact and reference sites), including:assessment of the likelihood of the presence of any flora or fauna species of conservation significancecharacterisation of the water quality within the local areacharacterisation of the ... Read more >>

Simtars visit to India

15 Dec 2017

Simtars colleagues continued their business trip in India - helping the Indian mining safety and health regulator implement their new legislation, which is modelled on the Queensland legislation.There was a pressing need for this new legislation to be explained to the resources sector in India to ensure its successful implementation.Dr Tilman Rasche, Senior Inspector, Resources Safety and Health, delivered 4 workshops during November to highlight how the legislation and successful risk management will lead to reduced injuries and fatalities.The workshops, structured to ensure relevance for mine managers, operations managers, general managers, CEOs and inspectors, were delivered in Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Nagpur. Approximately 140 personnel from government, private and public companies attended. The workshops were made possible through funding provided ... Read more >>

3D laser scanning now at Simtars

08 Nov 2017

Simtars is developing new applications and services using the recently purchased 3D Point Cloud Laser Scanner. Potential applications of the scanner include:industrial accident and investigation supportresearchtraining scenario creationgeneral 3D visualisation.Unlike conventional photography, a laser scanner allows you to capture images in 3D space. At a detection rate of 1 million samples per second, the laser measures points in time and space to determine x y z coordinates. An object is displayed as a collection of dots or points, spaced millimetres apart, inside the virtual space. The scanner has a detection range of up to 270m distance with an accuracy of 3mm at 50m. The built-in camera overlays photographic imagery to provide colour texture to each point, or this image can ... Read more >>