Four wheel drive bus rollover fatality

Mines safety alert no. 314 | 19 March 2015 | Version 1

What happened?

At 6.55am on 12 March 2015, 5 crew at a surface coal mine had finished night shift and were returning to the industrial area in a 21-seater, 4 wheel drive bus.

As the bus was travelling down a low wall ramp, it appears to have drifted from the left side of the road to the right with the driver side wheels going up onto a bund causing the bus to roll over onto its passenger side.

Tragically 1 passenger was killed, with 5 others sustaining minor injuries and the vehicle receiving minor damage.


The Mines Inspectorate is still conducting its investigation and all contributing factors to the accident have not yet been established. However, the investigation has already identified the following recommendations.


Mine site senior executives should review the adequacy and effectiveness of the traffic interaction and vehicle principal hazard management plan.

These reviews should include controls such as:

  • seat belt use and monitoring
  • design and construction of roads including berm specification
  • road inspection schemes
  • adequacy of roll over protection
  • vehicle stability
  • ensuring drivers are competent and authorised
  • suitability of speed limits for pit conditions
  • speed monitoring.

Authorised by Andrew Clough - Chief Inspector of Coal Mines
Contact: Neil Reynoldson, Acting District Inspector of Mines, +61 7 4999 8510

Issued by Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines

Placement: Place this announcement on noticeboards and ensure all relevant people in your organisation receive a copy.

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